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From the Horizon House Staff

Don’t go with Planned — there’s a better plan. Let’s keep the Horizon House family together.

David Cammisa

“What I love the most about working here — these residents are like family. We trust them, they trust us.”

Xavier Roca

“We need money to pay bills, but the most important thing is health. When you reach my age you start to worry about missing the important things like birthdays and family.”

Efraim Laguer

“I love it here because the shareholders are like family and they take care of me, and that’s one of the reasons I never left.”

Dear Horizon House shareholders and residents:

The Horizon House service staff has already committed to accept a reduction in total compensation. Yet despite what the Board may say, the Board’s actions show it is still determined to replace our staff with law-breaking, poverty-wage contractor Planned Companies, a subsidiary of Horizon House property manager FirstService Residential.

Bringing in Planned Companies would make it hard for Horizon House to attract and retain good employees. It would also require Horizon House to withdraw from the staff’s pension plan and incur over $411,000 a year in pension withdrawal penalties for the next 17 years.

How can we stop the Board from bringing in a poverty-wage contractor? There are 3 simple steps, and we’ve already completed 2 of them. Now it’s time to take the 3rd step: Fill out your proxy!

3 Steps to Save Our Staff and Maintain Our Quality Services:
1. Sign the petition telling the Board NOT to subcontract our building services. Over 700 residents have signed the petition! If you have not yet signed, you can do it online at brighter-horizon.org.
2. Demand a special meeting of shareholders to vote on our proposed resolution: “The Board shall NOT subcontract Horizon House’s building services without the consent of the shareholders.” Before Thanksgiving, residents submitted a request for a special meeting of shareholders to vote on this resolution. The Board is now required under the bylaws to hold the special meeting.
3. Sign a proxy form to vote for our resolution!

You will receive a proxy form in the mail. To make sure your vote is counted, sign your proxy and mail it back using the enclosed pre-paid return envelope.

Kevin McCan

“After my open heart surgery, I wouldn’t have made it back to work with the benefits Horizon House offers. Now, if the Board cut our take-home pay I’d have to get another job or go on disability.”

Christian Pimentel

“We’re not living large, we live just to get by week to week. And this job means the world to me. There are very good people here.”

Francisco Russo

“I provide residents with the best I can do, always with a smile, anything they need. They are like family and Horizon House is like my second home.”

We Support Our Building Staff! Click Here to Sign the Petition!