Crisis at Horizon House

The staff at a building complex can make the difference between feeling stressed and worried or feeling safe, relaxed and taken care of while at home. But, the Board of Directors at Horizon House is threatening to illegally fire all the experienced staff members and hire a poverty-wage contractor to staff the buildings.


The Board’s reckless actions will lead to:


    • Labor unrest. The Horizon House doormen, porters, handymen and garage attendants have already gone on strike against the Board’s illegal actions and staged repeated protests, rallies and marches in the complex.
    • Third-rate services. By bringing in a poverty-wage contractor, the Board may drive out the best employees and drive up employee turnover. Residents will have to put up with a new, inexperienced doorperson in the lobby every time the old doorperson leaves.
    • Declining home values. Horizon House apartment values have declined every year for the last 10 years because the complex has failed to make necessary repairs and renovations. And now the Board wants to waste millions of dollars in legal fees and penalties just to get rid of its long-time employees. With the Board wasting money and the quality of services declining, home values will likely keep going down, down, down.
    • Legal and financial risk. By illegally firing its long-time employees, the Horizon House Board could end up putting shareholders on the hook for millions of dollars in back wages and fringe benefit payments.